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I am a self-employed Barbadian textile artist living in Cambridge UK for the last 22 years. I enjoy the creative process and I am passionate about textiles and sewing. My work is a reflection of who I am as a mother, wife, teacher and artist. I enjoy experimenting with new art materials and gadgets. My work is also an expression of my points of view, things which I reflect on and issues which affect me.
My journey started when I won an Organisation of American States scholarship to the Jamaica School of Art in Kingston, Jamaica. Moving to Cambridge, England I spent most of my earlier years raising a family before engaging once again with the artistic community in 1997 with the Cambridge Open Studios programme.
In addition to creating my own work I am also involved as a community artist on a number of projects and after-school clubs where I am helping to cultivate an awareness and love for art and its power to bring out the best in all.
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